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Friday   6th September 2019

10 am - 12.30 pm

Nick Cook, lecturer, speaker and author - Writing a Memoir. Learn the craft of writing a memoir - yours or imagined. Nick will also set the theme for this year's competition.
Prose and Poetry Competition
The Theme this year is 'The first time I ……..'.
Have you a memorable first time? e.g. first day I went to school, started work, first writers meeting or first kiss. Nick asks you to bring that first time to life for readers. Let us experience that first time, be taken back to the time it happened. Prizes go to the most vivid realisation.
Prose 1500 words max, poetry 30 lines max. Entries to show membership number only, and include £3 for each entry. Entries to Rania Aidley by Friday 6th March 2020.

Friday   4th October 2019

10 am - 12.30 pm

Camilla Chester,  local successful children's author -  Writing for Children. Join Camilla for an interactive and fun session and learn the essentials in writing for children.

Friday   8th November 2019

10 am - 12 noon

(note - this meeting is on the 2nd Friday of the month) Read Around - Theme (optional) is 'Entrances'.

Friday  6th December 2019

10 am - 12.30 pm

Julian Bishop, runner up in the 2018 International Ginkgo Prize for Eco Poetry - How to Write the Environment. Where do you start with a subject so persuasive and so catastrophic? Is it possible to use humour and satire in such a dire situation?

Friday  3rd January 2020
10 am - 12 noon
Read Around - Theme (optional) is 'Inspirations - memorable books that have influenced your writing'.

Friday   7th February 2020

10 am - 1 pm

Read Around - Theme (optional) is 'Your favourite things'. Followed by New Year Party.

Friday   6th March 2020

10 am - 12 noon

Kathryn Hitchins, published author of three novels - Digging deep as Writers and exposing ourselves to the judgement of others.

Friday   3rd April 2020

10 am - 12 noon

Read Around - Theme (optional) is 'April fools humour'.

Friday   8th May 2020
10am  - 12 noon
Nick Cook. Prose and Poetry Winners - Nick returns to announce the winners and runners up - plus a chance to hear the entries. (Please note - this meeting is on the 2nd Friday of the month due to Bank Holiday).

Friday   5th June 2020

10am  - 12 noon

Reading of competition entries and discarded ideas!

Friday   3rd July 2020

10 am - 1 pm

AGM followed by Read Around and Party.


Summer break until Friday 4th September 2020
Meeting attendance fees:    Members - £2      Non-members - £4 (Readaround)     £5 (Guest Speaker)